Featured Artist: Kevin Cahill

About Kevin:

Kevin and his wife, Danae, fell in love with Idaho many years ago, and nothing has changed about that. Nearly all of Kevin's art work still focuses on Idaho. It's no wonder! Idaho's natural beauty provides an unending stream of subjects.

Kevin has  been a member of the Salmon River Art Guild for ten years - nearly as long as he has lived in Idaho. Kevin feels very fortunate to have received five first place ribbons at the SRAG's Fall Regional Art Show over the years. His work has also been selected six times for the annual conference book cover of the Allied Social Sciences Association meetings.

In another part of life, Kevin holds a doctorate in economics and is a partner at ECONorthwest. He has authored dozens of articles and book chapters in the field of applied microeconomics.

Kevin and Danae live in Boise with their two sons, Aidan and Daniel, and their (very!) energetic English springer spaniel, Matilda.

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