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David Martin

Artist's Statement:

The camera is my paint brush, light is my paint.


Since retiring from my day job, creating photographic art from Nature is my passion.


Creating emotionally pleasing and compelling images that beckon the viewer to revel in the awesomeness of our Earth is my ultimate desire.  I want you to feel what I felt when I stood on location:  the warmth of the sun, the biting wind, the swirling fog, the roar of the ocean or waterfall...the silence...whatever conditions were present when the photograph was created.


Most of my work is created with color in mind.  Occasionally I will convert a piece to black and white to emphasize the great range of light and shadow within a scene, but usually I lean toward color because of the sense of being there that it conveys.  I am comfortable with both styles, though, and will incorporate that which I feel tells the story in the best light.


I think that our home, Earth, is one incredibly beautiful place.  Through my art, I seek to re-create this beauty so that others may experience what i felt.  I hope that all who view my work are blessed and emotionally touched.

Thank you for viewing my art


Contact Information: 

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