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   Hey there, it’s me! I’m Derrick Solomon and have a bit of a problem. It all started 24 years ago in the 11th grade when I took a photography class. The infection set in and I’m afraid it’ll last until my dying breath. I am a photographer. There, that felt good to get it off my chest! While I claim to not be a niche’ photographer, I truly am. Don’t get me wrong, I love shooting landscapes and Panos, wildlife and natural beauty, weddings, baptisms, childbirths, graduations, senior pics, infant first pics, flowers and bugs; and the list can go on forever, I simply love capturing captivating images of any subject I can find. But my true passion is in astrophotography. Northern lights to comets to galaxies to galactic constellations to stellar nurseries all the way down to even our own Milky Way!
   I grew up in Idaho but now live in Alaska with my loving wife Sinead and four of our five beautiful children. When I’m not shooting with my camera, I’m often out hiking the trails, riding the four wheelers, camping, fishing, or hunting.
   I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoy taking them and minimally processing them. Thank you for stopping by and reading about me!

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