Sharon Herther

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Phone (208)315-0534


About The Artist:

Sharon Herther was raised in the Treasure Valley on a dairy farm in Meridian, Idaho. From an early age her mother kept lots of art supplies around the house. Working outside there was always inspiration for a painting--the plowed field, sunsets and huge flower and vegetable gardens.


The desire to create has been great all through her life and this has lead to a life long occupation in the arts. She has really considered it a privilege to pursue this love in many forms. That includes not only painting, drawing etc. but interpretive signs for the State of Idaho at Ponderosa State Park, Cataldo Mission State Park and Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park.


She has build furniture. She and her husband Mike have Herther Leather. She also designs and sells jewelry.

sharon herthers skull 12x14 acrylic pain
Herther Sharon-Granary at Fenn3
Herther Sharon-Old Barn1
wildlife paintings,original deer art
original paintings, landscape art
original bison painting,buffalo art
original paintings by Sharon Herther   

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       White Bird, Idaho 83554        

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