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Ron Keener

Hello, I'm Ron Keener from Grangeville, Idaho. I love the shape and ornate nature of items such as antiques and some oddities. I get inspired to be creative and repurpose the items into illuminated art. From Bellos, cameras, fans, mixers, projectors, musical instruments, lanterns, telephones, and many other items. I am a Vietnam vet and a retired engineer. Illuminated Art was started some 10 years ago. many of my pieces have been shipped around the world. I also have items on Hollywood producers' desks, the top military officer at the pentagon, art galleries, antique stores in a number of states, as well as furniture stores that purchase my items for accent pieces around their stores. Prices range from $99.00 to $395.00. Please call for prices and availability of a specific


upcycled metal sculptures.

Ron Keener artist
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