Marlene O'Neill

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Marlene O'Neill works primarily in oil and watercolor. She also works in pencil, charcoal and occasionally she creates paper mache masks. She sees art as a timeless expression and communication that transcends all that divides humankind. She strives to paint an expression of light. 

As most artists, she has enjoyed drawing pictures since she was a child. As a young artist, her more serious drawings were pastel portraits. she began studying art when her parents let her take a correspondence course from Art Instruction School in her mid-teens. she has taken workshops from Ladd Arnoti, Stan Miller, Robert Hagan, Gloria Teats and Valeria Yost. Her favorite artists are the impressionists. 

Besides artwork, she has enjoyed singing in a San Francisco Gilbert and Sullivan theatre group- The Lamplighters, the Novato Community Players and the Presidio Players, all in California. She has recently joined a writing group. O'Neill was born in Idaho.   

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