Joyce Close

About The Artist:

Joyce Close has lived along the Salmon River of Idaho since 1966, many of those years in the Frank Church Wilderness. Joyce was inspired to paint by all the beauty around her. She chose acrylics because they are quick drying and fit in with a busy life with two young daughters and her outfitter husband, Norm. Living far from an art store, she painted a lot on natural materials like driftwood and konks. After she and her husband Norm moved to Lucille, Idaho, she joined the Salmon River Art Guild and the Central Idaho Art Association. Family, hunting, fishing and traveling are still an important part of her life.

landscape in the hills
Elk on a conk
dusty trail ride
hunting camp
blue river runs through the meadows

Contact Information:

Phone (208)628-3765


PO Box 32 

       White Bird, Idaho 83554        

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