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Dianne James Flowers

About the artist:

 Dianne, owner of Idaho Wool Company, raises heritage breed Gotland sheep for their unique curly wool locks. 

 Gotland sheep originated in Sweden and just recently came to the U.S.

 Dianne comes from a ranching background of sheep and horses, and both are her passion. 

Working with the raw fleece from shearing to the finished product is very enjoyable and she loves working with the colors and designing new felted items... 

 In October of every year Dianne sets up her vendor booth at the Trailing of the Sheep Festival in Ketchum, Idaho which is a celebration of the history of sheep ranching in Idaho.

fabric art

dianne james flowers
Dianne James Flowers booth at - Trailing of the Sheep Festival

Contact Information:

Price list

1.Gotland Curly wool rugs

  24x48 --$200.


2.Gotland curly wool pillows $95.

3.Felted colorful pillows $75.

4.Felted handmade soaps with essential oils $12. each

5.Felted wool balls ,dryer,cat, dogs $10.

6.Navajo Churro longwool rugs $200.

7.Felted wool scarves 10x 36 ----$60.

8.Felted Gotland curly wool scarves 10x 36 ----$95.

9.Karakul heritage breed long wool felted rugs 24x 48----$200.

10.Gotland curly wool handbags, with leather braided straps 9x 8----$95.dark grey & cream

***Custom orders on different sizes and colors are most welcome

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