Carrie Jo Rehfeld

About the artist:

To put it simply, I am passionate about the world of art. I started painting in 1998 and have spent a large part of my free time involved in some sort of art or craft project.

I was born and raised in Alaska and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Alaska. My husbands past service in the US military enabled us to live in various locales and travel extensively. I've been fortunate to have numerous photos to draw upon for painting inspiration. 

However, since retiring my husband and I now spend much of our time in Idaho and Alaska. I find more of my art being inspired by these surroundings! My painting subjects and styles are varied from saucy still life and moody landscapes to stylized portraits and jazzy abstracts. For now, my paintings tend to reflect my mood and where I am, at any particular time. Perhaps they will be bright and bold, or conversely, soft with muted colors. Our world is a beautiful place and I enjoy painting as a way of sharing my love for life.

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